"Før eksisterte jeg bare, nå føler jeg at jeg lever!" Les Kirstis utrolige historie!

"Before I just existed, now I feel alive!" Read Kirsti's incredible story!

Kirsti from Alta has worked a lot all her life, and has also had her own business. In recent years, she has felt that she just got more and more tired and lost energy, where she finally hit the wall in 2009. Then she was on sick leave 100% for 3 months.

"After this, I didn't feel well, but I still managed to get to work. When you have your own business, you just have to perform, almost no matter what," says Kirsti. She only had the energy to go to work, but was completely devastated when she got home. In addition, she had a lot of pain in her body. This is how she went for many years, working 50% and being 50% disabled.

At the doctor, she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a disease of unknown cause that causes chronic pain in the muscles and joints, and which is difficult to treat. In addition, she had restless legs, and an inflammatory condition in her body.

"In the end you start to wonder if you're joking, I had a pain in my knee one day, and a pain in my arm the next day. The pain moved through my body from day to day." she remembers. "You get terribly tired from walking and your body aches all the time."

About 2 years ago, she was advised about Aarja Health's OptiMSM+C and Curcumin , and started using these immediately.

"I was advised to take OptiMSM as a regimen until the first pack was empty, and started with 3-4 bags every day. Almost immediately I felt my energy coming back!" says Kirsti, and continues: "Previously, I only had energy to cook dinner after work, nothing else. Now I have energy for other things, such as baking, trimming and being active with grandchildren in the afternoon! I have never felt like this for many years. It's absolutely incredible!"

Where she had previously felt that she only existed at work, she now had more energy to be more creative, and to be a little more "on" during the working day. "Before I just existed, now I feel alive!" a happy Kirsti can tell us.

"Nights are completely different now, before I had an incredible amount of pain and had to change positions every 5 minutes. I don't feel like that anymore. I have much, much less pain now, and with Magnesium from Aarja I've also completely got rid of it "restless legs", which I also used to suffer from at night." says Kirsti.

Her daughter Martine Hoaas, who is a professional triathlete, is actually one of Aarja's many fine ambassadors, but Kirsti had not caught on to this. Martine currently lives in Denmark, but is at home in Alta a couple of times a year. One of the times, Kirsti was supposed to help her daughter take pictures of her and some products down on the shore in Alta. Then it turned out that it was Aarja's products that she already uses herself!

"Since Martine will perform at the top level, she is very careful about what she puts in her body. She uses Aarja's products because they are so clean and natural! In addition, it increases her performance in sports, and makes the recovery time go much faster." a proud mother can tell.

Now Kirsti feels that she has a completely different life than before. "At first I thought it was age, but it's not just about that. It's so nice to know that I can finally do things I want to do." concludes Kirsti.

OptiMSM consists of the mineral sulphur, which is the body's fourth most important mineral. It has a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effect, and is often used by those with osteoarthritis, rheumatism and tendinitis.

We can get a deficit of sulfur in the following conditions:

  • muscle wasting, due to illness or old age
  • chronic inflammations. E.g. in the stomach/intestines or muscles and joints
  • hard training
  • high age
  • little food or one-sided diet

The elderly are more often exposed to sulfur deficiency. Vegetarians who do not eat meat, or others who generally eat little food, is also exposed. MSM is also often called the "beauty mineral", as it is known to be good for skin, hair and nails.

Our bestseller OptiMSM is the world's purest MSM and has many clinical studies behind it.

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