Many buy dietary supplements without further thinking. It is impossible to assess with human senses if a dietary supplement contains what is promised. Transparency, trust, and quality are our key principles. Therefore, we only make products that we use ourselves to be 100% sure of their quality.

made by Us

All Aarja Health® products are manufactured in our own factory in Finland. Our IFS certified production and highly skilled team with 40 years of experience ensures that every product batch is safely made with love and without compromise. We value skill and quality in all our operations and at every step from material selection to finished products.  


Quality is our number one priority. Our quality control system includes analysis of raw materials and end products, written and pre-approved manufacturing and packaging instructions, operating instructions and cleaning instructions, real-time batch documentation, change management, production facility control and complete product traceability to material suppliers and vice versa.

“Instead of quality control, we should talk about a quality control system or quality assurance. Quality control means only analysis."
-Maarit Riihimäki, Head of Quality


Our factory has an IFS (Food safety system certification), which includes both ISO 22000 standard, technical specifications for food production and additional IFS requirements. At its core, is the manufacturing of safe products. We sample all received raw materials to make sure our raw materials are what they should be. Connected to a computer, the FTIR scanner detects raw materials at a chemical level through infrared radiation. We also check that the raw material packages are intact, have the correct labels and that the appearance and composition of the raw materials match our reference samples.

Where Aarja's Supplements are Made?

Our factory is located in Finland, Seinäjoki, Teollisuustie 16 (Minorito Oy) – previously a medicine production factory with some of the highest industry standards. Supplement manufacturing is not so well regulated, which means different food supplement production facilities may vary greatly. We can proudly say we operate under one of the highest certificates and strictly adhere to our quality principles which are monitored regularly.

We believe that you should know by who, where and how your food supplements are made.