Samling: Startup Essentials

Synes du det er for mange produkter å velge mellom, og at det er vanskelig å vite hvor man skal begynne? Da trenger du ikke lete lenger! Startup Essentials inneholder alt det du trenger for en god start på din reise mot en bedre helse. Magnesium er noe alle burde ta, siden de fleste har mangler på dette viktige mineralet som er involvert i over 300 prosesser i kroppen. Norge ligger på Europa-toppen i D-vitaminmangel, og dette vitaminet er en nødvendighet for et godt og sterkt immunforsvar, for å unngå vinterdepresjon og lite energi. Krillolje er den beste kilden til Omega-3, fordi den er dobbelt så effektiv som fiskeolje, og har i tillegg ingen miljøgifter eller tungmetaller.


Zinc is a necessary trace element for health – it participates to more than 200 enzymatic reactions. Our bodies cannot store zinc, which is why we need to get it daily through our diet. Vitamin C alias ascorbic acid is an important antioxidant for immune health. Our bodies cannot produce independently this water-soluble vitamin, and that is why we need to get it through our diet.


 Chaga is the king of the mushrooms, because of the big amount of antioxidants. It grows mainly on birch trees, and our Chaga comes from the pure forests of Finnish Lapland. Traditionally it has been used for centuries to boost the immune system.


Rose Hip is an real vitamin C bomb - it contains 20 times more vitamin C than same amount of orange. It is the accessory fruit of the rose plant. We added a touch of Rose Hip to our VITAMIN C 500 to give a natural boost for the immune system.




100% PURE




pure, safe

We spend a lot of time to find the best raw materials for our products, because we want to be sure that they are pure, safe and well absorbed in your body. We avoid unnecessary additives and allergens – and thanks to the new technology we have invested in, we have been able to remove a much used, controversial bulking agent called magnesium stearate.

made by  US 

We only make products that we use ourselves, and would give to our family. We make them ourselves to be 100% sure of their quality. Meet our Production Supervisor Samppa who is making sure that the raw material he is holding meets our high-quality standards. Our VITAMIN C, like all Aarja's products, is made with love by our professional and experienced staff in our own factory in Finland.

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Aarja is the Sami word for ’energy’. The Sami people of the Nordic countries have lived in harmony with nature for centuries, and depended upon it for food and medicine. The cold and harsh climate in the North creates plants with a unique strength and life force. We have listened to the wisdom of our ancestors and carefully chosen Nordic ingredients that will provide the best effects for your health and energy.




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